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Data File Standards

Format Gerber RS-274X is preferred although we can accept RS-274D and ODB++ formats. We do not accept board layout files in AutoCAD, Eagle or other software specific formats.
Drill File Excellon Drill File (a.k.a. ASCII or CNC Drill) - Including tool size list
View We assume all Gerber layers are viewed from top side.  This means your bottom layers will appear 'backward'.  For example, your bottom side silkscreen should be 'wrong reading' or backwards, as if in a mirror, since you are viewing it from the top side, not the bottom.
Fab Print We prefer all orders to contain a detailed fab print specifying dimensions, board thickness, material type, copper weight, dielectric stackup, qty of holes, whether holes are plated or not, layer stack order….etc.  If a print or other instructions are not provided, we will build per PCB Universe Rigid PCB Standards.  
Alternative File Types If your Gerbers do not contain a fab print, we can accept prints in other popular formats such as PDF, DXF, DWG, TXT … etc.  
Delivery For ease of delivery and to ensure no files are lost, please place all design files, fab notes and other files regarding your order, into a single .zip file.  If ordering online, please upload your file through the online order system so it can be associated and tracked with your order.