1. Automatic placement of CBGA, PBGA, MBGA Verification of BGA's using real-time x-ray system. 
2. Removing & Replacing BGA's & MBGA's, Experienced with Ceramic & Plastic BGA's, Reballing BGA's & MBGA.


1. Ball Grid Array (BGA)
2. Ultra-Fine Ball Grid Array (uBGA)
3. Quad Flat Pack No-Lead (QFN)
4. Quad Flat Package (QFP)
5. Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC) 6. SOIC, Package-On-Package (PoP)
7. Small Chip Packages (Pitch of 0.2 mm)

Through-Hole Assembly

Automated Through-Hole Assembly
Manual Through-Hole Assembly
Through-hole mounting techniques are now usually reserved for bulkier or heavier components such as electrolytic capacitors or electromechanical relays that require great strength in support


Mixed Assembly - Through-Hole, SMT and BGA components are housed on the PCB. Single- or double-sided mixed technology or SMT (Surface Mount) for PCB assembly. Single- or double-sided BGA and micro-BGA installation and rework with 100% X-ray inspection

Item Capabilties
Turn Times 1-4 Weeks (check in for rapid turn around prototyping)
Quantity Prototype to Production
Assembly Type Surface Mount, Through Hole, Mixed
PCB Specifications Rigid, Metal Core, Flex
Max Panel (500 mm x 450 mm)
Component Types SMT 0201 or larger
BGA .5 mm pitch
BGA X-ray inspected
Cable and Wire
SMT Parts Presentation Cut Type, Partial Reel, Bulk, Reel, Tube, Tray
Solder Types Lead Free, RoHS Compliant
Stencils Laser Cut
Quality Standards IPC Class II / IPC Class III

PCB Universe RoHS assembly services that meet the requirements . . . We support customers who are concerned about the environment by providing top-of-the-line lead free pcb assembly services. Consult with your account manager today to see how we can help you achieve RoHS standards.